Holiday Pie and Cake Menu

The Holidays approach!

 JennEclairs is here to help out with all of the stress by providing lots of sweet treats for your table!

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$9 Loaves

  • orange cranberry Bread

$16 Cakes

  • vanilla pecan rum cake

$14 PIES

  • Apple

  • Coconut Custard

  • Chocolate buttermilk

  • pumpkin

  • Peanut Butter Buttermilk

  • Coconut Cream

 $16 PIES

  • French Apple with raisins and a vanilla glazed crust

  • Whiskey Apple pie: Apples soaked in apple whiskey with traditional pastry crust

  • pumpkin praline: traditional pumpkin pie topped with pecan Streusel

  • Pecan

  • Chocolate chip pecan

  • Bourbon Whiskey Pecan

  • Apple cranberry with Pecan crumb topping

$18 Pies

  • French Silk: decadent chocolate mousse filling in a pastry crust with whipped topping and chocolate curls.


Monday, December 24th, 10Am - Noon:    

King George farmers market Parking lot